Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Princess Peach and Bowser

Ray and Chay received a birthday party invitation today. The theme is Super Mario Bros. and the party is for two little brothers who are turning 7 and 4. The boys' mom is super creative and created these little cards for the kids to rub off lottery ticket-like thingies and discover which characters they will represent at the party.

Being a Super Mario Bros. novice, I had to rely on Ray and Chay's identifying the characters for me. Birthday boys' mom wisely made Ray a Princess - Princess Peach, I have been informed. Chay scratched off his card and found out he was Luigi. Fits have been thrown over this one.

Turns out Luigi is a good guy, and Chay has decided that he is a bad guy, through and through. He wants to be Bowser:

Because "He's got spikey things on his back and wikes to wun over cars." He makes me so proud sometimes.

When asked why he likes Bowser's spikey back, Chay responded, "Cuz I's gots staples in my head and dose are spikey!"

I have relented and told him he can be Bowser. Ray was the mediator and the agreement was reached when Chay agreed he wouldn't run over any cars or hurt anyone. I tried to throw in a no fit throwing clause, but I lost that argument.

So, Bowser it is.

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