Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ray and Chay's Great Grandma

Ray and Chay have been lucky to have their Great Grandma in their lives, and they are her "Pride and Joy." She loves them with all her heart, even if she couldn't keep up with their energy the past few months.

Great Grandma and The Bull

Great Grandma swears that Chay is crazier than a bed bug. Her nickname for him is "The Little Shit." She knows crazy best...she's the oldest of 14 crazy Canadian brothers and sisters. Great Grandma is a hard working, hard headed, and absolutely beautiful woman.

Great Grandma and Ray at Easter

Ray is Great Grandma's love of her life. My grandpa is Ray's namesake, and therefore, a constant reminder of my Grandma's great love of her life. Ray and Great Grandma were so sweet together, always giving hugs, holding hands and blowing kisses to each other.

Great Grandma passed away yesterday morning. While we were sitting with her saying our final goodbyes, Nana wondered how I was going to explain Great Grandma's passing to Ray and Chay. My response, "I'm going to be honest."

I received the call from my mom at 6:30 Monday morning, so the kids weren't awake yet. I raced around getting dressed as quickly as possible, and Ray woke up and was curious why I was leaving and not getting ready for work. I explained that I was going to see Great Grandma and had to hurry. I didn't have time to sit down and tell her fully what had happened, and I planned to do it later in the evening when we could all sit down and have a serious talk.

Ray had a different plan. She is so perceptive, it throws me off sometimes. Later that afternoon, I went to pick Ray and Chay up from their school, and the first thing Ray asked after we pulled out of the parking lot, was this: "Mommy, what happened to Great Grandma?"

Luckily, I was at a red light, so I could glance into the rear view mirror. What I saw shook me. Beauty had tears in her eyes. How did my baby know?

I told them there and then that Great Grandma died and was now in heaven dancing with their Great Grandpa. Then I handed out presents that I told them Great Grandma had left them. I gave Chay a stuffed dog that Great Grandma's brother had given her that has USA stuff all over it, and I told Ray that Great Grandma gave her the PURPLE blanket she had been using to keep her legs warm.

Chay carries that stuffed dog with him everywhere, and Ray now sleeps with that blanket. They are sad, but not fully understanding the concept of death. Yet, Great Grandma will be with them forever, and I cannot think of a better way for them to remember her than through her many gifts that she has passed on to them, whether they be stuffed, metal or just memories.

Cheers, Grandma. You are already missed, but I know you are dancing with Grandpa in heaven. I love you.

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