Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day According to Ray and Chay

Yesterday, Ray and Chay wanted to do something special for me for Mother's Day. Ray's original idea was to go on roller coasters. That got nixed because we're going back to Disney in a couple weeks, so economically, E couldn't justify spending the money on yet another amusement park (a good decision on his part!). Then she wanted to go to Sun-n-Fun Lagoon for Mother's Day. That was nixed because, while fun, its not relaxing for me. Neither kid can swim yet, so I am a nervous nelly the entire time we're there.

After much hand wringing on E and Ray's part, and at my suggestion, of course, we ended up going up to Lindo Beach for the day. We swam, enjoyed the sun and relaxed. Then we headed to the Columbia Restaurant for tapas and Sangrias. My favorite. Ray and Chay knew that, of course, that's why they picked it. At least, that's how they will tell the story if you ask them.

I have so many favorite, and not so favorite, stories to tell from yesterday. But my first is a short little tale involving The Bull and a man with a dog.

Chay to a man walking a German Shepherd: "Hey, look, its a puppy dog!"

The man walking the German Shepherd (while puffing up his chest): "Yes, and he's a BIG DOG!"

Chay: (Shrugs.) "Huh. My dog's bigger."

Truth is, he's right.

Sampson, The Bull's Best Friend

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