Monday, February 23, 2009

My Salesmen

Our neighborhood had a community-wide yard sale this past weekend. So we dragged out a bunch of old toys and baby clothes and hung outside all morning with the kids.

The turnout was pretty good, and Ray and Chay really put their heart into selling our stuff, which really entertained our customers.

We had a bunch of those plastic balls that come with all the baby toys these days laying out, and every time a new person approached us, he would run over to them and yell, "Look, we got balls! We got balls! Look, balls!"

Unfortunately, his approach didn't work. We didn't sell any balls.

Ray decided that she was ready to sell her blue fairy dress up dress. So, any time someone had a little girl with them, she would show the dress off and try to get her to try it on. She really did a sales job too, showing off the wings and pointing out why it would be a really great purchase.

Unfortunately, we didn't sell the fairy dress either.

I don't think they have a future in sales.

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