Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He's a Big Boy Now

I've been forced (I'm still fighting it, but its going forward without my approval) to realize that Chay is not a baby anymore. We're making changes. Big changes. Big Big Changes.

And, he's rolling with it.

We converted his crib to a toddler bed yesterday. He slept through the whole night! When I went in to check on him this morning, he was sitting quietly on his floor playing. That went much smoother than Ray's first night in the toddler bed. She woke me up that night screaming because she managed to wedge herself between the headboard and the wall. Don't ask why she climbed behind the bed, because I don't know.

We also gave up the high chair officially. He was so proud sitting at the table next to his sister eating off his plastic plate.

And, finally, the big news. He's peed twice on the potty by his own request.


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Melodie said...

That's really great news! Katie is in her toddler bed and finally potty-trained now, but it will probably be quite a while before she gives up her high chair. She really loves that thing!