Monday, March 2, 2009

No Chay's Allowed!

At times, Ray gets tired of having a little brother, and in a way I don't blame her. He really can be annoying in the way that he is constantly poking, prodding, and pulling at her. You know when he's going to mess with her, too, because he gets an evil grin just like Chucky. I can also see why she finds it all that much more annoying that he finds it hysterical that she finds it annoying.
After a particularly frustrating day with Chay one recent weekend, Ray decided she needed a sign on her door so that Chay knew he wasn't invited inside any more. This is what she made:

I have to say, that's a pretty good sign made by a 4 1/2 year old. But I find it all that more impressive that she knew to draw a picture of a boy with big hands just like her brother and to put a big X over him.

Now that's funny.

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Melodie said...

That's a great sign! I always hated having brothers, too. Whenever my girls are fighting, I always tell them that they should be thankful that they don't have brothers.