Tuesday, May 6, 2008

She's a Kid Now

I never pictured myself as the mother to a kid. Sure, when I was pregnant with them I could imagine being a mom to a baby. At their first birthday parties, I looked forward to the toddler years. But, I have never looked far enough into the future to actually imagine having a KID. A school aged kid -- never. A teenager? Not gonna happen.

So, when the seven year old neighbor girl rang our doorbell last night, I was not expecting the question that came next. Oh, no, I thought, what is she trying to sell? Do I have any cash to appease her? Or did Chay leave his toys in their yard again?

"Can Ray come out to play?"

Smack! That's me being hit in the face with reality.

Wait, what? Ray is old enough to go outside to play? Other kids want to play with her? Without me?

I didn't think the fact that Ray is no longer a toddler and is actually a kid now would hit me so hard. But it did. She's growing up. She's making friends. She's getting an identity that isn't all about me. And she's only 3 1/2. What is she going to be like at 6? What is it going to be like to be a mom of a school aged kid? How is school going to change her?

At least Chay is still a toddler -- its all about me and him. This time though, I will be a little more prepared when he starts to gain his independence.

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AFRo said...

Gurl. I'll be your friend and your babies' friend too. My oldest is 6 and it's a whole new world. You know everyone says enjoy it while you can... and they are SO right. It's flying by.