Tuesday, May 13, 2008

They Are Fish

Guns and Kim are Ray's Godfather and Chay's Godmother, respectively. They came down for a visit, and seeing how our home is not a 4 star hotel and the Hyatt resort is, that's where they are staying. There are four pools, a golf course, fountains galore, tropical foliage, and a pool bar. What more do you need?

Ray and Chay spent Sunday night and all day yesterday in the pool. And, when I say all day, I mean all day. They even refused to get out to eat. Their favorite pool is the kind you can walk into like at a beach -- you walk in at an extremely shallow point and it gradually gets deeper. This made it very easy for us to sit back and relax while they swam.

At one point, however, Chay decided he didn't want to be in the shallow end any longer and he proceeded to walk deeper, and deeper, and deeper. One minute he was up to his chest; the next he was up to his eyeballs. But he kept walking. And walking. And walking. The only reason he stopped was because I dove in to keep him from drowning. Oh, and was he ever mad at me for pulling him out. He just didn't see why I wasn't going to let him walk until he could no longer breathe. Hurrumph.

This is what he looks like tonight after two days of non-stop swimming:

This was taken at 6:30 pm today. He's been like this for an hour. We were supposed to go to the hotel again tonight but I just don't think he could handle it. (Oh, and big sister Ray made sure he had some stuffed animals to help him sleep...)

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