Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ray and Chay Marched for the Babies!

When Momslikeme posted that they were forming a team for the March of Dimes Walk in downtown Fort Myers, I signed up immediately. I thought it would be a good lesson in philanthropy for Ray and Chay, and it would teach them how good it feels to do something generous to help others. I recruited CG and Ms. Amy to walk with us, too. The more, the merrier!

Leading up to the walk, we explained to Ray and Chay who we were walking for and what the March of Dimes did to help children. We raised the money together (and by together, I mean I hit people up for money on Facebook and through emails), and we managed to raise $110 with a little effort. Ray was very excited for Saturday evening, and she told everyone that she was going to walk for "the sick babies!" Chay was excited too, but I don't think he really understood why. He knew we were walking, that Ray was excited, so he would be excited too.

Ms. Amy heard there was a competition for the best decorated buggy. She has a "thing" for crafty competitions, so I let her have complete control over the theme for our wagon. I think she did a pretty good job, but if we don't win the competition, I think her head will explode. (The voting is over, so I'm feeling confident that we won. Or not. I really have no clue).

The night of the walk could not have been prettier. I have no idea how many people walked but my guess would be about 1500 people? The atmosphere was inspirational, and everyone was in a festive mood. A dad and his son colored their hair purple, which, of course, Ray absolutely became obsessed with. Several others decorated their buggies, and people driving down the road were honking and cheering us walkers on. The only negative thing I have to say - at one point three gentleman walking ahead of us were smoking cigars. Really? On a walk for sick children? When children are all around you? But, like I said, that's the only negative thing I have to say about the whole experience. Oh, and Ray was being an absolute hard head and didn't listen to me all day, but what else is new?

CG, Riley (Pam's daughter), and Ray took control of the wagon from the get go. Chay was a good sport and walked most of the way. I was proud of all the kids, but especially Chay. He walked at least two of the three miles, which is a lot for his little legs.

The Diva's ride, while their man-servant follows behind

Ray was forced to shield her face from the Paparazzi

Mid-way through the walk, Riley volunteered to walk so that Chay could ride in the wagon. Which meant that all the girls had to get out. So, Chay got the wagon all to himself.

And I think that made him a little sad.

The conversations between the girls were hilarious. They sang songs, including "Fifty Nifty United States," in which they proceeded to sing all fifty states in alphabetical order. They quizzed each other on their addition tables (Who knows what 2 + 4 is?! Me!). And, they made up silly rhymes to entertain themselves. I just wish little Chay had a buddy with us too. I do think he felt a little left out.

The Divas were easily distracted by the flowers along the route

When it was all said and done, the evening was a fun family night. Ray and Chay walked their hearts out and were proud of themselves for helping those sick babies. We burned a few calories, laughed a lot, and managed to help some people while doing it. What a great way to spend a Saturday night, surrounded by family, friends and a great event!

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