Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chay Knows the Ladies

Ray and Chay's Godparents are visiting this weekend along with Em!!!! We are so excited, and Ray is hopping like a frog in a frying pan.

E's birthday is today, but we are celebrating Friday with an adult evening for dinner and drinks (Thanks, Nana and Papa for babysitting!). Em's 8th birthday is Saturday (Egads! 8 already???)

Chay and I had a Mommy/Chay night tonight, getting his "Mo"* redone and going grocery shopping, while Ray and Daddy cleaned. Surprisingly, Ray did a good job cleaning her room. And E did a great job, as always, cleaning the rest of the house (yes, I asked him to clean the house on his birthday. We are pretending his birthday is tomorrow. It was his idea; I swear!).

While at Publix, Chay and I ordered Em's birthday cake. While flipping through the book, he saw a cake and screamed, "STOP!" Everyone in the deli line stopped and stared. Chay didn't care. He had found the perfect cake for Em.

And, he did. The Bull picked out a Barbie cake with purple icing and Hawaiian flowers. He yelled, loudly enough that I swear the seafood section heard him, "Em loves Barbie and flowers, and Ray loves purple. ITS PERFECT!!!"

And, it turns out, it is. Does Chay know his ladies or what?

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