Monday, June 15, 2009

A Lesson in Facials by Captain Mischievious

Our weekend was spent in Potty Training Boot Camp. It was pretty successful. Chay earned nine, count 'em nine, stickers for peeing on the potty. No poopies on the potty, but we can't expect too much on the first weekend of Boot Camp. (Sorry for the poopy talk. I promise it won't happen again.)

Chay shows off his new sticker

We didn't leave the house often, what with him wearing no pants and all. So Chay decided he was going to teach a lesson on facial expressions...

Mad Face

Happy Face
Power to the People Face

Just my plain ol' Mr. Mischievious Face
Oh, wondering what is all over his face? My eyeliner. His face is nothing compared to what my sheets look like.

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