Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weather Wimps

Its cold. Really, really cold. It is not supposed to be 30 degrees when I wake up. Maybe if I were in DC again, but no, not here in Florida. Its.just.plain.wrong.

So, imagine my surprise when I went to leave for work today, five minutes late of course, and I find a layer of ice on my windowshield. Ice? Seriously? How am I supposed to get that off? I don't even own an ice scraper!

I ended up leaving the car running with defrost on high heat for ten minutes to get rid of it. All that did was end up making me 15 minutes late for work. No wonder I left the cold north for the "heat" of Fort Myers.

Ray doesn't understand the cold. She repeatedly says, "Mommy, we're in Florida, its not supposed to be cold. Its not like we're in Virginia."

When we woke up to frost, her immediate response was, "Hey! It snowed!" She wanted to go out to build snowmen. And buy a winter coat. She really hates the cold.

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Melodie said...

Global warming, my ASS!