Sunday, December 14, 2008

Some Observations from the Merrill Lynch Shootout

E and I spent the Friday and Saturday at the Merrill Lynch Shootout in Naples. I'm not a huge golfer, but I have the following observations:

  • Camilo Villegas is hot. Doing the low crawl or whatever, just plain hot.

  • Braggarts are funny. If you have a condo on the golf course in Naples, you don't need to anounce it to the world. It just makes you look like, well, a braggart.

  • Sweater vests are ugly. Especially if you're 5'6" and hammered. Drunkeness at 3:00 in the afternoon is never attractive. But often funny to observers.

  • Ladies wearing a shear white shirt should always wear a bra. Men tend to stare at you with droopy jaws otherwise.

  • Portapotties are nasty no matter the type of venue.

  • My head fits perfectly into Nick Price's chest. I walked straight into him on the cart path. E was horrified. I didn't get to see Nick's face, but according to E, Nick was too.

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