Thursday, May 19, 2011

Roly Poly

I came home from work today, and Chay was excited to tell me about his new best friend.

Chay: Mommy, guess what!

Me: What? You went to Australia today?

Chay: What? What does that even mean?

Me: Nevermind. What do you want to tell me?

Chay: I made a new friend today!!!!

Me: Wow! Who is it?

Chay: His name is Roly Poly and he's a beetle. Did you know birds eat beetles? I hope a bird doesn't eat my new best friend. But he rolls up into a ball and he's a potato bug!!!!

Apparently, Chay is the bug equivilent of the Dog Whisperer.

Except, when he introduced me to Roly Poly, it was obvious that Roly Poly had been squished to death by a good intentioned 4-year old who just wanted to give his BFF a hug. Chay swore up and down and West that Roly Poly was sleeping. So he gave him several more hugs and placed him back on the lawn chair he was "sleeping" on.

Before bed, Chay had to give a night kiss to his BFF and came back inside crying his eyes out.

Chay: A bird ate Roly Poly!

Me: No, it didn't. (Thinking: Oh, crap! How do I deal with this???)

Chay: Yes, it did! Birds eat beetles! And Daddy said he couldn't come in the house! So, a bird ate him!

Me: (Cuddles while thinking, Oh, Crap!)

E: How do you know he didn't just wake up and crawl away?

Chay: Cuz he was up high on the chair! A bird ate him. It's all your fault!!! (Bawls and cuddles into me)

Me: I think Daddy's right. He could have unrolled himself and crawled down the leg. (Thanking E privately for that out)

Chay: You think? Maybe he stayed rolled up and he just rolled off?

Me: Of course! He just went into the woods. Maybe he'll come by tomorrow to say hi.

Chay: He's not coming back! A bird ate him! I need a bug box!

E: You've had two bug boxes and broken both of them. You aren't getting another bug box. Roly Poly is just fine.

Chay: I need a bug box. So I can keep my next Roly Poly in a cage.

Because that's how you treat your BFF. But, on the bright side, he's ready to move on to his next best friend...

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