Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ray is Almost as Big of a College Basketball Fan as Me

While we were at lunch today, the restaurant we were at had college hoops tournament games playing. Ray focused on the Kentucky v. WVU game, and as usual, she was rooting for whoever I was, which in this case, was WVU. She was cheering loud and taking it seriously. At one point, after WVU made a free throw to take the lead, but KY got the ball, her response was, "Oh, man, we may have a problem. Kentucky got the ball back!"

Ray was such a huge hit at the restaurant that the manager came over and asked us which game we wanted to hear over the sound system. He turned the music off so that my girl could listen to her basketball game. That's impressive.

Yep. She's my mini-me and I am proud.

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