Sunday, January 16, 2011

Putting a Positive Spin on 2010

In general, I cannot say that I am sad that 2010 is over. To put it mildly, 2010 sucked. But upon reflection, I am able to find some diamonds amidst all that mud.

I made new friends and reconnected with old ones. I bonded with family, grew closer to cousins I lost touch with, and became incredibly close to an Aunt I really never knew previously. I walked my daughter to her first day of Kindergarten (twice), and I gave my son his first (and second) mohawk. I laughed and cried with some of the best people in the world. I shared fabulous meals from DC to Key West to Winnipeg, ate lots of pizza, and rode some excellent roller coasters. I ran in a half marathon and jumped in bounce houses with the kids. I also watched many beautiful sunsets on the beach AND we threw snowballs.

Let's see how many better adventures we can have in 2011...

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