Sunday, April 26, 2009


E taped Jurassic Fight Club on the History Channel for Chay, because he is such a huge dinosaur fan (is there a two year old boy that isn't?). We are watching it right now, and I feel like I am listening to finger nails scraping the chalkboard repeatedly.

If there isn't a dinosaur on the screen, Chay is yelling, "I want the dinosaurs!"

If a dinosaur is on the screen, and it happens to be a small one, we hear, "I want the big dinosaurs!"

If its a big dinosaur, he yells, "ROOOOOAAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!!!!", directly in your ear. While scratching on you. That feels really nice, by the way.

The show is educational, and I am happy to let him watch educational shows that he finds entertaining.

Oh, wait, I need to take a break from the blog because Chay says, "I want dinosaurs! Dinosaurs, look at that dinosaurs! Moon. I want dinosaurs. Dinosaur! Two dinosaurs. Long dinosaur. I want dinosaurs!"

OK, commercial. Back to the blog.

As I was saying, the show is educational. Apparentally, he has learned what dinosaurs eat -

Chay - Dinosaurs eat.

Me - Dinosaurs eat what?

Chay - Dinosaurs eat cheese.

Me - Did you say dinosaurs eat cheese?

Chay - Yup. Dinosaurs eat cheese. Yummy.

Hmmm. OK. Maybe its not so educational but it sure is entertaining....

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