Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Ray had a very important announcement to make while we were at the grocery store. As I was having a conversation with the seafood guy regarding our upcoming Christmas Eve grouper meal, Ray just HAD to tell me something.

Me (to the seafood guy): I need enough grouper for three adults and two kids.
Ray: Mommy, Mommy!
Me (to the seafood guy): How much would you recommend?
Ray: Moooooommmmmmyyyyyyy! Its important!!!!!!
Me (to the seafood guy): OK, 1.8 lbs looks like it will be enough.
Ray: Mommy! LISTEN TO ME, MOMMY!!!!!!
Me (to Ray while the seafood guy is getting our fish together): Please stop shouting. What is so important?
Ray: Chay loves girls. He only likes boys, but he loooovvvvesssss girls.

The seafood guy had a good chuckle from that one. And, I've realized that I'm not prepared to have these types of conversations with my children yet.

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